November 7-9:
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Click here for past Galpin Society events 2017 March 16-October 16: Museu Maritim, Barcelona. Exhibition: A la vora de la mar. Instruments musicals a la Mediterrània. May 6-October 31: Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Markneukirchen. Exhibition: Die Deutsche Posaune im Vogtland. June 1-4: Edinburgh. Conference on Musical Instruments. Joint Galpin Society meeting with the American Musical Instrument Society, hosted by the University of Edinburgh. (Call for papers deadline: 16 December 2016). June 3: Edinburgh. Galpin Society AGM: 3 p.m. St Cecilia’s Hall. See February Newsletter for details. June 11-18: Boston, USA. Boston Early Music Festival. October 5-7: Musical Instruments Museum (MIM), Brussels. WoodMusICK – 4th Annual Conference – Preservation of Wooden Musical Instruments. Ethics, Practice and Assessment. (Call for papers deadline: 19 April 2017). October 12: Horniman Museum and Gardens, London. MIRN Conference: The Life Cycle of Musical Instruments. (Subject proposals deadline: 10 June 2017). November 9-11: Greenwich, London. Early Music Festival and Exhibition.
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