November 7-9:
Forthcoming events
Click here for past Galpin Society events 2018 June 7-9: Universidade Nova, Lisbon, Portugal. Conference: Authorship in Historical Keyboard Music. (Call for papers deadline: 12 January 2018) July 4-7: Caldas da Rainha, near Lisbon, Portugal. Museu Jose Malhoa. ANIMUSIC: 7th International Congress on Organology. Includes ‘Brass Focus’ sessions. (Call for papers deadline: 15 March 2018) July 28: Royal Academy of Music, London. Galpin Society AGM, 2.30 p.m. November 20-22: Bern University of the Arts, Switzerland. Fifth International Romantic Brass Symposium 2019 April 10-13: Lisbon, Portugal. ICTM Study Group seminar: Musical Instruments.  (Call for papers deadline: 10 April 2018)
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