Musical examples to illustrate published articles
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Ture Bergstrøm, ‘The Music of the C. F. Lehmann Kunstschrank at Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen’, GSJ LXVIII (March 2015), pp.35-74 C. F. Lehmann’s “Musical Cabinet” Richard Haigh, ‘The “Apental” Piano’, GSJ LVIII (2005), pp.173-183
Mary Oleskiewicz, ‘The Flutes of Quantz: Their Construction and Performing Practice’, GSJ LIII (2000), pp.201-220 Performers & instruments: Mary Oleskiewicz, transverse flute by Jean-François Beaudin after Quantz; Stephanie Vial, baroque cello by William Forster; David Schulenberg, harpsichord by William Dowd after Michael Mietke; Jean-François Beaudin, 2nd transverse flute after Quantz (in Example B)