The Galpin Society research grant 1. The purpose of the grant is to assist the recipient in undertaking research into the construction, development, manufacture and use of musical instruments, in the anticipation that the resulting work will be suitable for inclusion in the GSJ. It may also be used to cover the costs associated with obtaining illustrations for an article accepted for publication in the GSJ. 2. The grant is available to those who have been Galpin Society members for at least one year. It is not available to those currently serving on the committee. Normally the grant is made annually and to the recipient once only. 3. The candidate should submit an outline of his or her intended research and an estimate of expenditure to the committee before 1 April 2020. This must be accompanied by the names and addresses of two academic referees known to the candidate. If deemed necessary, the candidate may be asked to discuss the intended research project with appropriate members of the committee. 4. The award is made at the beginning of the academic year and the recipient will normally be expected to produce a paper suitable for inclusion in the GSJ within two years. An interim account of progress and/or expenditure may be requested. 5. On completion of his or her work, the recipient is asked to deposit with the Archivist any material which it is felt will be of use to members of the Galpin Society. 6. Any question as to the interpretation of these conditions shall be determined conclusively by the Galpin Society committee. 7. The value of the research grant is a maximum of five hundred pounds (£500). 8. Applications should be sent to the Administrator.
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